Handy Size – 50cl

Small enough to fit into your hand bag, lunch bag, school bag etc. Enjoy alkaline water on the go.

Jumbo Size – 1Litre

Enough alkaline water to satisfy your thirst and detoxify your body. Just take it and you will feel fulfilled while the wonders get performed in your body

Family Size – 19Litres

The whole family can enjoy alkaline water. Especially when you have water dispenser in your home, no need of ordinary water but Johnbold alkaline water all the way

 Banishes Stress

Highly Oxygenated

Fast & Powerful

Alkaline water

-provides balanced hydration
-transports nutrients and oxygen needed to survive
-replenishes water loss from workout
-regulates body temperature
-lubricates joints
-naturally detoxifies and cleanses
-aids in digestion and eliminates acidic wastes